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2019 F3B WORLD CUP in Anthisnes (see right top page)

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You are invited to participate in the 2019 27th edition of the Summer Soaring Criterium..

Starting orders for towed models (NB : if necessary, revised starting orders will be available on the field)

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Winches positions

This year, the contest also accepts E-power F3B models; Four competitors registered. They will fly as a separate group. No specific starting order yet, but the competitors will be called to prepare and fly according to the current rules.

E-power model start list


Towed models archive file of all detailed results txt format

Towed models end results, all scores detailed in DaveF3B format (txt only)

E-power models end results

E-power models all scores detailed in DaveF3B format

E-power models, technical details

Jury report

We wish a safe trip back home !


A picture of the podium:2017 Martin Herrig (1), Andreas Herrig (2) and Lucas Gunther (3)



A picture of the podium 2018 - Andreas Herrig (1), Frank Thomas (2) and Steffen Besemer (3)

Podium individuals

Picture of 2019 podium : Andreas Herrig (1), Johannes Krischke(2), Andreas Boehlen(3)

Best speed 2019 by Stephan Besemer (GER) - 13,77 sec.

Best speed 2018 by Christian Pinoteau (FRA)


 The podium of the three best teams

2018-07-01 16.53.02.jpg

.The group on saturday morning

2018-06-30 08.20.25.jpg